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Paint Specials

Plascon Wallseal 20L

Plascon Wallseal 20L

PLASCON WALLSEAL 20L is a durable acrylic emulsion paint with good flexibility and superior waterproofing properties. Comes in white.

  • R729.95
  • R615.60
  • Valid till: 10/10/13
Crown plaster primer 20L

Crown plaster primer 20L

CROWN PLASTER PRIMER 20L is a good quality, solvent based alkali resistant primer for masonry surfaces.

  • R750
  • R599
  • Valid till: 25/09/13
BI Contractors Hi Hiding PVA White 20L

BI Contractors Hi Hiding PVA White 20L

BUILD IT CONTRACTORS HI HIDING PVA WHITE 20L is a traditional, water-based matt coating for walls and ceilings. It has no-mess application properties with low odour.

  • R399.95
  • R329.95
  • Valid till: 20/05/13
Build it Waterproofing

Build It Eggshell Enamel White 5L

BUILD IT EGGSHELL ENAMEL is a good quality, alkyd-based enamel for interior use.

  • R299.90
  • R284.90
  • Valid till: 10/04/13
BI Super Acrylic PVA White 5L

BI Super Acrylic PVA White 5L

BI Super Acrylic PVA White 5L is Lead-free, Quick-drying and UV-resistant. Can be used for both Interior and Exterior

  • R199.95
  • R179.95
  • Valid till: 26/03/13
Dulux Weatherguard (White 20L)

Dulux Weatherguard (White 20L)

DULUX WEATHERGUARD WHITE 20L provides excellent performance in tough weather conditions, with Maxiflex to cover hairline cracks. Buy any weatherguard product and stand a chance to win a dulux hamper worth R300.00!

  • R799.95
  • R699.95
  • Valid till: 04/03/13
Rock Grip plaster primer 20L

Rock Grip plaster primer 20L

Rock Grip plaster primer 20L is a pigmented alkali resistant primer for use on interior and exterior plaster, concrete, brick etc.

  • R599.95
  • R499.95
  • Valid till: 12/02/13
Colortone Paints Woodseal 5l (All colours)

Colortone Paints Woodseal 5l (All colours)

Colortone Paints Woodseal 5l (All colours) is a wax based water repellent finish for exterior wood. Available in all colours

  • R349.95
  • R319.95
  • Valid till: 23/01/13
Plascon Velvaglo 5L (White)

Plascon Velvaglo 5L (White)

PLASCON VELVAGLO 5L is ideal for furniture, doors and wall surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. A decorative and protective finish for interior and exterior, primed woodwork, plaster or metal.

  • R509.95
  • R469.95
  • Valid till: 08/12/12
Bergermaster White 20L

Bergermaster White 20L

BERGERMASTER WHITE 20L is a water based, low cost PVA, specifically formulated for contractors requirements. Primarily used on new plastered walls where quick drying matt finish is required.

  • R299.95
  • R269.95
  • Valid till: 08/12/12
Plascon Polvin (White 5L) & Free Tray Set

Plascon Polvin (White 5L) & Free Tray Set

PLASCON POLVIN ( WHITE 5L ) is suitable for direct application to new cement plaster, concrete, porous brickwork and various types of building boards. It can also be applied to suitably primed wood, metals, fibre-cement and gypsum plaster.

  • R264.95
  • R199.00
  • Valid till: 08/12/12
Plascon Polvin (white 5L)

Plascon Polvin (white 5L)

Plascon Polvin (white 5L) is suitable for direct application to new cement plaster, concrete, porous brickwork and various types of building boards. It can also be applied to suitably primed wood, metals, fibre-cement and gypsum plaster.

  • R264.95
  • R199.00
  • Valid till: 30/11/12
Sikaflex 11FC white

Sikaflex 11FC white

SIKAFLEX 11FC WHITE is ideal for sealing and bonding. Fantastic stretch qualities and UV resistant can be applied to cement based products (acidic). Just slip in to your silicone gun and its all you need in one tube.

  • R109,95
  • R99,95
  • Valid till: 27/10/12
Alcolin Spray adhesive 500ml

Alcolin Spray adhesive 500ml

Alcolin Spray adhesive 500ml is a quick, easy to use aerosol adhesive providing a translucent repositionable or permanent bond for most crafts and hobbies.

  • R89.95
  • R79.95
  • Valid till: 10/10/12
Build it Tyrolean flicking machine

Build it Tyrolean flicking machine

The BUILD IT TYROLOEAN FLICKING MACHINE is an easy to use hand spray gun for exterior cement based textures. It has an adjustable tension bar for controlling texture, a standard size spring, steel blades and anti-corrode coating.

  • R290.95
  • R214.95
  • Valid till: 15/09/12

Your Questions

12 Questions on “Paint”

  1. Question by Frank on

    How can I fix rising damp?

    • Reply by Build it on

      Hi Frank

      Rising damp is generally caused by one of three problems. The most common cause is a failure in the damp course in a external wall, the second being a build up of earth on the outside of an exterior wall pushing up against the wall above floor level. The third is ineffective or blocked weep holes.

      Repairing the internal wall without sorting out the cause will just result in you redoing the work next winter or in a couple of months or weeks. There are products are on the market which essentially waterproof the internal wall from the outside (ie painting a waterproof paint on the problem area inside your house). This is fine for a temporary solution but in 99.9% of the cases is ineffective. One cannot waterproof a dam from the outside, the water pressure will always win. If not at that spot somewhere else, rising damp just rises further up to a meter or horizontally.

      The second reason is easy to remedy, remove the earth above floor level and wait for the wall to dry out, apply plaster primer to the effected area, polyfill and paint. On word of advice, it might be difficult (almost impossible) to touch up the paintwork of the wall with by just painting the affected area (if it is a color), so paint the internal wall from corner to corner.

      If there is a failure in the damp-course (a piece of plastic in the structure at floor level to stop moisture rising) this is slightly more tricky. In years gone by in the old buildings in the UK the solution was to cut into the wall at floor level from the inside and outside and insert sheets of slate (which doesn’t allow water through) into the wall and re plaster. As the industry has developed so have the solutions.

      1. One can get a specialist contractor in who will insert electrodes into the wall, this system runs with electricity and prevents moisture rising. This is a costly solution.
      2. The most commonly used to effectively fix the problem is the following. Allow the wall to dry out well during summer and drill a series of holes 10mm in diameter into the wall 100mm above floor level. These holes should slope downwards and be through the brick into the cavity (the gap between the two skins of brick in a external wall). These holes should be drilled every 100mm along the affected area and beyond. Once the holes are drill get a funnel and liquid silicone (a watery clear liquid eg Alcolin NC120) pour this into the holes you have drilled into the wall. The idea is to flood the cavity inside the wall, the liquid silicone will then soak into the foundations and brickwork at floor level and once dried out will waterproof the structure at floor level. Liquid silicone is used to waterproof facebrick etc as well.
      3. Check that your weep holes are open and operational along the exterior of the effected area. In theory weep holes (small vertical gaps in the plaster at floor level) allow any moisture which has got into the cavity to evaporate out the wall. Although this is not rising damp in the classic sense it can often cause a similar effect on internal walls.

      Best of luck and hope the advice given will help.

  2. Question by D on

    I have a room with a stippled wall effect. How can I smoothen this textured wall.

    • Reply by buildit on

      Hi there D,

      Regarding your stipple wall finish there are two types of stipple effects. The first which is usually used outside is known in the trade as slushing. The builder would used a Tyrolean machine to flick a mixture of sand and cement onto the wall.

      The second which I would imagine is in your room is generated by using a very thick paint and a roller which looks like honey comb. Once rolled it has a stipple effect, depending how it was rolled the coarseness of the bumps can vary. If you have a very bumpy finish I would recommend to use a grinder with a 40 grid sand disk on it to smooth-en off some of the bigger protruding bumps. Then apply a coat of Gyproc Gripon (a keying agent) and skim with Gyproc cretestone. It would be advisable to remove you skirting boards and plug covers first before work commences.

  3. Question by Beth on

    Is it possible to paint directly onto facebrick?

    • Reply by buildit on

      Hi there Beth,

      Regarding you question can one paint directly onto face brick. Face brick is by nature an extremely hard brick to withstand the elements. One first needs to paint the face brick with masonry primer, and then paint with a water resistant paint like Plascon Roofseal.

  4. Question by Drew on

    Hi there
    Do you stock you Chalk Paint by any chance?

    • Reply by buildit on

      Hi Drew,

      Regarding the chalk paint, I would imagine this could be one of two things, either white wash paint which we don’t stock or black board paint which we do stock.

  5. Question by Nomatshawe Sicolo on

    I have a 3 bedroom house, toilet and kitchenett, i am looking for a burnt orange interior paint and mustard for upstairs but the shiny one that can be wiped because i toddlers. what price range am looking at and where is your nearest store i stay in Kuilsriver Bardale Village

    • Reply by buildit on

      Hi there,

      Build It has a store in Eerste River, that one would be the closest to you.

  6. Question by Ruan on

    Hi There

    Could you give my any advise on what paint to use when painting my kitchen cupboards? i have very old wooden kitchen doors that i want to paint. Can i use any enamel or what would you reccomend?

    Do you have a branch in Bellville or Brackenfell?

    Kind regards


    • Reply by buildit on

      Hi Ruan

      The best method to paint kitchen cupboards is to clean them with sugar soap to remove any grease/oil. Give the doors a light sand to create grip and then apply two coats of Plascon Velvaglo. Unfortunately we do not have a branch in the Bellville area at present.

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